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Who I Am - Simon Welsch

Pic Simon
  • Sports scientist (M.Sc.)
  • Medical training therapist
  • Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology Therapist

Since 2018 I have been working with athletes and people whose cognitive ability determines their performance (brain athletes) and support them with a holistic approach. I am fascinated by how fitness and healthy habits can be used to increase the performance of poker players and gamers.

I am a recreational athlete and enjoy moving and training on a daily basis. This is part of the reason why I live a happy and balanced life.



“I worked with Simon for over a year and was very satisfied. He was very committed to getting me further and dealing with each other was a great fit. He is always open to new ideas and responds to people individually. Top”
Fedor Holz
Pro Poker player and founder of Pokercode

“I met Simon through presentations he held for my Poker study group and was impressed at his depth of knowledge that he is very good at tailoring to the special needs of top Poker professionals. Had a couple of 1 on 1 sessions afterwards and upgraded my Sleep, Supplement and food game!”
Robert Heidorn
Pro Poker player


Simon showed me how to integrate healthy routines into my everyday life in order to have more concentration at the tables and at work. Thanks to his advice and the joint workouts, I feel more balanced and regenerated.”
Stefan Schillhabel 
Pro Poker Player


“I run my own online business, play poker professionally, and have a family. I was finding juggling all of these along with trying to maintain my health difficult to keep up with. After just doing 1 session with Simon I was already able to unlock some great hacks and adjustments to my schedule, routine, and diet that had an immediate impact. It’s extremely comforting knowing that I have him in my corner anytime I need his guidance!”
Faraz Jaka
Pro Poker Player and founder of Jaka Coaching


You helped me so much at my beginning of my pro esport career. Thank you so much for it. By this day, I still use things you told me and most importantly you taught me about how important it is to be healthy and having a fresh mind.”
Michal Kadlícek
Pro Counter Strike: Go player

“I started with Simon late 2021. I’d gained 40 pounds, my energy levels and motivation were rock bottom. I also had pretty severe brain fog and couldn’t concentrate at all. Simon slowly introduced new healthier habits alongside a workout plan. Most importantly, he was there to listen, guide and hold me accountable. Fast forward 8 months and I was sat at a cash table in the Bellagio. I’d lost 30 of the 40 pounds, my motivation was back and I felt completely focused and dialed in.”
Chris Abela
Pro Poker Player

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