Unleash your potential through

Performance Coaching

Together we create the basis for optimal performance in your element by optimizing your health. No matter if you are a poker player, professional gamer, head of a company or another form of brain athlete. With exercise, nutrition, regeneration and working on your mindset, we ensure that you unleash your potential.

Simon Welsch

  • Sport Scientist (M. Sc.)
  • medical training therapist
  • Therapist for clinical psycho-neuro-immunology

Since 2018 I have been working with athletes and people whose cognitive performance determines their performance (brain athletes) and I support them with a holistic approach. I am fascinated by how a wide variety of measures can be used to increase the performance of the brain, feel better and perform better.


I worked with Simon for over a year and was very satisfied. He was very committed to helping me advance and we got along together greatly. He is always open to new ideas and to respond individually to people. Top!"

Fedor Holz
Professional poker player and startup founder

“Simon has helped me to integrate routines into my everyday life that help me get closer to my best version. Whether nutrition, regeneration, mindset or fitness - Simon has taken me to a new level in all areas!"

Till Augner 
Founder of sporthacks

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“Simon showed me how I integrate healthy routines into my everyday life in order to have more concentration at the tables and at work. I feel more balanced and regenerated through his advice and the joint workouts."

Stefan Schillhabel
Professional poker player and startup founder


"I have been working with Simon for almost a year now. As a player, he not only helped me to make my everyday life more balanced and to live more healthily, but was also always available to talk about everyday problems. Simon maintains a very friendly relationship with the entire team and helps us to counteract our work-related, one-sided movement with regular workouts. He is a great asset to our team and a great factor in why we can keep our very high workload so well." 

Marcel Roode – „Cello“
No Limit Gaming – CSGO Team

“I've been working with Simon for over a year. He is a very important member of our team and always shows us new ways and also which things make sense to incorporate into our everyday life. This is of great help to me as it contributes a lot to my consistent performance. No matter what question you ask him about diet or exercise, he almost always has a suitable answer ready and if not, then he has found the right one within a very short time. It's just a lot of fun to work with someone like that. He's a great guy!"

Lukas Kauer – „ecfN“
No Limit Gaming – CSGO Team

„Simon was my personal coach between 2018-2020 and it was an absolute blast working with him on my health goals. The workouts he curated for me were perfect for not only achieving the goals I set for myself, but also areas that Simon himself suggested I focus on, which I had been neglecting in the past. He was extremely valuable on the nutrition side as well, finding meals (both at restaurants and that I could make myself) that were nutritious and delicious. At the time, my lifestyle was quite crazy (working in the music industry, touring the world) but Simon stayed on top of it and made it extremely enjoyable and easy to stick to a healthy routine that naturally became part of my day-to-day life, no matter where I was around the globe!“

Jonah Vella