What is performance coaching?

Performance coaching deals with everything that happens outside of training, competition or professional life in order to create optimal conditions for it. For brain athletes, the topics of exercise, nutrition, regeneration and mindset are at least as important as they are for competitive athletes. During performance coaching, I will show you how you can achieve greater productivity through healthy routines. How exactly these elements look for you or your team depends on what you already bring with you. We build on that together.



Sitting is the new smoking. Most brain athletes find themselves in a position that we have not come to know in our evolution. If you do not incorporate short breaks and longer exercise units into your everyday life, you run the risk of developing poor posture.

With regular exercise, a better body awareness can be developed. More self-confidence and higher physical performance ensure more metabolic flexibility in your brain. This means that your brain can use not only glucose, but also the lactate produced during exercise and ketone bodies, the production of which is stimulated by certain nutritional methods. This results in increased cognitive performance and greater wellbeing.



What does healthy eating mean for brain athletes? Energy drinks and sugar? Hardly ... The brain of a professional chess player alone consumes around 5000 kcal on a day of competition. Have you ever seen a chess player with candy in hand?


The brain is able to draw energy from the periphery of the body and use various energy sources. High food frequency, short chain carbohydrates, and processed foods limit this ability. By eating less frequently, having longer times without eating and, above all, a diet that saturates with the help of natural foods and supports your body through micronutrient density, you give your body and, above all, your brain what it really needs. Let your brain pull!


„Sleep is the swiss army knife of  health“ – Matthew Walker

Those who train hard should also regenerate hard. Healthy sleep creates the basis for learning new movement patterns and courses of action. Through healthy sleep, we ensure that we do not become demented, that our muscles grow and that our systems remain in balance.
Those who do not have a restful sleep manage to return to this through routines and the targeted use of food and exercise. The result is increased cognitive performance and a significantly increased sense of wellbeing.


The right mindset is not only important in competition. During the time when there is no competition, you can develop personally by setting and implementing so-called SMART goals. Above all, the long term plays a role here. Those who improve by 0.1% a day can achieve a lot in a few weeks. In addition to the focus on the sport, the setting of goals primarily relates to the integration of the areas of exercise, nutrition and regeneration. 
Further measures for more balance are meditation and breathing exercises. They can be used to modulate the vegetative nervous system, so that after a little practice you are more focused and balanced.

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