Performance Coaching and Monitoring


Is the next season in your e-sport coming up? The WCOOP starts? Or is an important phase in your life or company demanding more from you than you expected? 

Are you wondering how you manage to stay focused for weeks, when and how you can incorporate exercise and what to eat? I will look after you or your team for a period of at least one month and support you with all the tools that are available to me.

  • First month:
    Single Person: 300€ / Team of up to 5 persons: 450€
  • every additional month: 
    Single Person: 150€/ Team of up to 5 persons: 300€
  • per month: weekly online workouts:
    4 sessions of 30 minutes: 120€ 
    4 sessions of 60 minutes: 200€


  • Anamnesis of you (90 minutes - once)
    (Questionnaire and Conversation)
  • Together we'll evaluate where you stand and what challenges you face.
  • Kick-off presentation (60 minutes - once)
  • I prepare the most important content for you and present it online. It is not only important what we do, but why we do it. Your learning is part of the process!
  • Weekly Check-ins (up to 30 minutes/ week)
  • You will receive a sheet in which you enter your daily routines. We go through everything once a week and optimize your goals. The long term plays a decisive role.
  • Optional: Online Workouts (30 or 60 minutes)
  • Do you find it difficult to move alone? No problem. Once a week or as required, we will pick you up from your desk and train together.

one-time performance Coaching


It doesn't matter whether you use your energy for poker, esports or other things in which the performance of your brain can become the limiting factor. After taking an anamnesis, I will advise you on the basis of your current status and together we will ensure more and better exercise, nutrition and relaxation so that you can get more out of yourself and feel healthier.

  • 90 Minutes online consultation 60 minutes of online consultation including a Google sheet for checking your own success in all areas: 150€
  • Online Workouts:
    30 minutes: 40€/ 60 minutes: 60€

Get to know me!

Simon Welsch - Heideblick 64 - 44229 Dortmund - +4917641173903

I am happy to give you a call without obligation and together we will find out what I can do for you or your team.