Since January 2019 I have been supporting the Counter Strike Go team from No Limit Gaming, some of the team's poker professionals and ToD (@YoanMerlo - professional Warcraft 3 player). During my work with No Limit, new ideas arose again and again on how to get more out of yourself in order to perform better. The basics of my work with the team can be seen in the video on the right.

I worked on his health for a whole year with Fedor Holz. Life as one of the best poker players worldwide and the founder of several startups presents the body with a variety of physical and psychological challenges. Together with Fedor, we have integrated healthy routines such as a regular sleep rhythm, micronutrient-rich food and, above all, exercise into his everyday life. You can find an excerpt from a day with Fedor during the WSOP in Las Vegas in the video on the left.