Performance Coaching

Is Performance Coaching for you?

The next season in your e-sport is coming up? WCOOP starting? Or does an important phase in your life or company demand more of you than you expected?

Are you wondering how to stay focused for weeks, when and how to incorporate exercise and what to eat? I will look after you or your team for a period of at least three months and support you with all the tools that are available to me.

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What do you get from the coaching?

  • Needs analysis: We analyze your lifestyle and find out together where you are at the moment and define your goals together.

  • Performance Plan: Based on the status quo, I will create a plan for you to optimize your habits, your training, your diet and your sleep.

  • Progress: We use Google Sheets to visualize your plan and track your success. Here you get access to your training and nutrition plan as well as measures to optimize your performance.

  • Communication: In order for you to make optimal progress, regularly discuss your progress, your challenges and solution strategies via Zoom. You can also contact me at any time via Whatsapp or email.

  • The Goal: Maximizing your health and performance!

Get to know me!

Simon Welsch - Heideblick 64 - 44229 Dortmund - +4917641173903

I would be happy to call you without obligation and we will find out together what I can do for you or your team.